Why a Blog About Children’s Books?

813358_book_stack_3I thought the very first Wise Owl Books blog should give some background on my intention and why you’ll want to read every post and visit often. I love all kinds of books and always have.  I have a degree in English Literature and as an adult have continued my passion for reading.  Since becoming a mom, I’ve shifted my focus towards children’s books and have read MANY with my children. The truth is that there are a lot of children’s books  published every year, and while it pains me to say it–there are some that are not very good.  My kids find them boring.  I find them poorly written.  My husband falls asleep before the end.  One often wonders why they were published in the first place.

As parents, we’re busy people.  While we want to do the very best for our kids and we understand the importance of reading every day, we also want to read quality books that are engaging,  inspiring and entertaining for both of us–kids AND parents.  Why wouldn’t we?   If the book is bad, that 20 or 30 minutes spent reading feels like time wasted vs. time enjoyed.  No one wants that.  Enter Wise Owl Books.

The goal of Wise Owl Books is to highlight great children’s books and give you some insight on what makes the book special.  We’ll also give reviews from kids–the best critics of all! Before you head out to the library or bookstore, I hope you’ll stop by and see the fantastic books we’re talking about.  We’ll also be reviewing the latest children’s books as they are published to give you the inside scoop.   Thanks for reading!


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