The Bugliest Bug

bugliestbug3For the first recommended children’s book on this blog, I had to go with an all time favorite in our house. The Bugliest Bug written by Carol Diggory Shields and illustrated by Scott Nash is pure fun.  Not only is the rhyming verse an absolute treat to read, but the illustration is bright, colorful and beautifully done– especially important since we’re talking about bugs here.  It opens up with a question: Do you have six legs?  Do you wiggle or crawl? Could YOU be the bugliest bug of them all?

The story of the contest for the bugliest bug continues describing the contest stage, as well as detail of all of the different types of  insects that enter the competition, “…from tiny no-see-ums to fat termite queens. Some had great pincers, some had proud horns, some looked like branches or flowers or thorns.” We have loved this book since my oldest son was 4 years old.  When I was asked to choose a story to read to his kindergarten class, I knew this would be my choice.  What shocked me was that not one kid in the class had ever heard of or read the book before–not even the teacher.

bugliestbug2As I read it and the mystery of the somewhat questionable contest judges began to unfold, the kids were completely glued to the story.  They laughed at the funny parts and sat quietly engaged as the antagonists are revealed and the battle between the lovable insects and the less lovable arachnids plays out.  Not only does this book tell a wonderful tale of an underdog–Young Damselfly Dilly– saving the day, but it challenges children with language that inspires their curiosity and teaches as well.  You will no doubt be asked questions from your little one as you read, proof that this book promotes interest, learning and earns their attention.

Perfect for boys and girls ages 4 and older.


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