All Aboard the Dinotrain

What do you get when you combine dinosaurs, a train and a roller coaster ride? One fun book, a happy kid and a great story time! All Aboard the Dinotrain written by Deb Lund and illustrated by Howard Fine is pure fun. When a group of all different types of dinosaurs embark on an adventure—by train—it’s hard to know what to expect. First, they’re too big to fit in the train, so they ride on top. Next, they’re too heavy for the train to move fast, so they have to push. Then, they have to dump the cargo to get uphill. When they finally get to the mountain peak, the story takes on the excitement of a roller coaster ride as the dinos ride the rails and run into some unexpected surprises.

I absolutely love this book. Not only because I have sons, who happen to love dinosaurs and trains. I love this book because it’s so well written and such a treat to share. With rhyming verse and a “dino” language all its own, it takes you on an journey that both kids and parents can’t help but enjoy.

“We think we can!” they dinosay.
“Our dinomight will save the day.”
The smokestack coughs out dinosoot.
They sweat from dinohead to foot.

I also appreciate that the book has some bonus teaching. As part of the story, kids learn a little bit about steam engine trains and how they work. It also exposes them to different types of dinosaurs—some of them having a role on the train crew. There’s the Triceratops Switch Operator, the Stegosaurs Conductor and the T-Rex Porter, just to name a few. The painted illustrations are pure art. From cover to cover, it features beautiful, bright and colorful scenes that pull little ones into the story.

Perfect for boys and girls, ages 3 to 7.


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