Flotsam by David Wiesner is the illustration-only story of the ocean world, as told by the photos in a camera that washes ashore. The book’s clever and stunning art captures the imagination in a whole new way.

The story opens with a young boy at the beach with his parents. After getting knocked over by a big wave and sitting in the wet sand, an old fashioned camera washes up at his feet—a “Melville Underwater Camera.” When he opens it up and finds a roll of film, he runs to have it developed. What he gets back are possibly the most unexpected and fantastic photos of life under the sea.  As you go through the photos with the boy, each page becomes more and more exciting. The illustrations are elaborate, inspired and showcase the creative mind of David Wiesner.  Just when you think it can’t get better, the story cleverly shows the history of the camera and the lives that it has touched. Again, revealing layers that add depth and wonder to the story.

Besides the beautiful illustrations, I love the fact that when you share this book, it is virtually impossible for it to not inspire conversation. Each page presents an opportunity to ask a child questions and help them explore their own imagination. The simple question, ‘what do you think is happening here’ opens a child up to unguarded, creative thinking that is such an important life skill. It also gives the person sharing the story a glimpse into the child’s mind and what they understand about the world around them.  In my experience sharing this book, I’ve had fun and interesting discussions about the oceans, mythical sea creatures, and film photography to name a few–along with lots of big eyes and kids saying, ‘wow, look at that’ every time I turned the page.

David Wiesner has illustrated more than twenty award-winning books for young readers. He has received the Caldecott Medal twice for Tuesday and The Three Pigs, and two Caldecott Honors for Sector 7 and Free Fall. Flotsam was a New York Times Bestseller and won the 2007 Caldecott Medal, making Wiesner only the second person in the award’s long history to have won three times.

Perfect for boys and girls, ages 3 and older.


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